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The Time Between Heartbeats

A Knotted Hearts Historical



From the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes comes The Time Between Heartbeats ~ a novel featuring time travel and an unexpected romance.

While on holiday, Detective Inspector Geoff Lestrade is hurtled through time to 1513 Scotland and finds himself the guest of Laird Mycroft Holmes. Geoff thinks it all an elaborate ruse by the “British Government,” aka 21st Century Mycroft Holmes, to kidnap him.

Putting his detective skills to work, he does his best to find evidence that would support his presumption, but as the days pass, he can only come to one conclusion. Time travel doesn’t require advanced computer programming and elaborate machinery. All it takes is a divine cupid and a time portal.

The arrival of a man from the future isn’t something Laird Mycroft Holmes would have ever expected, since past time travelers have always been women. Why is the latest arrival a man from the 21st century?

While Geoff bides his time before he can attempt a return home through the time portal, friendship between them flourishes, but each resists the attraction blossoming between them.

Geoff’s decision to go back to the 21st century becomes harder and harder. Return to the conveniences of the modern era or remain with the love of his life? A love that could endanger not only Geoff and Mycroft, but Mycroft’s family as well.

Join Geoff and Mycroft on the adventure of a lifetime.


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