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Defending the Drag Queen

Face Off For Love ~ Book Two


Defending the Drag Queen cover


In what world would a professional athlete want to date a drag queen?

Certainly not Mark Roncalli’s. Mild mannered CPA during the week and the drag queen known as “Lady Jazz” on the weekends, Mark keeps his two worlds separate. Mark’s sexuality and his flamboyant and aberrant avocation don’t mesh well with traditional Italian family values and masculine sensibilities–at least according to his brothers.

Elijah Turner’s life revolves around diabetes and hockey, in that order. Which leaves very little time for relationships. Most of the men he’s dated felt like a third wheel to the realities of Elijah’s life. They were willing to put up with the hockey because Elijah’s a rich professional athlete. Not so much the diabetes which requires 24/7 vigilance and not so many indulgences.

When Elijah asks Mark to date him, will Mark take a chance and believe Elijah over the longstanding denigration by and judgement of his family?

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